Rolling Stock and Locomotives


#1  Climax (Roundhouse) “Oakhurst” – In July 2011, the original Roundhouse chassis and mechanism were replaced by the “guts”

 of a Bachmann GE 44 Ton Diesel with DCC.  It doesn’t pull nearly as well as it is much lighter. Unfortunately, the Bachmann “guts” hasn’t been working well and the Oakhurst Railroad management has decied to retire Climax #1 in April 2013.


#1 2-T Heisler (Rivarossi) “West Side Lumber Co.”– Acqired new in April 2013. Added a DCC decoder and extra weight to improve pulling power.


#2  2-T Shay (Roundhouse) “Coarsegold”  - Converted to oil burner June 2012.



#3  Heisler (Rivarossi) “West Side Lumber Co.” - Converted to oil burner June 2012. Unfortunately burned up decoder and motor in October 2012, so old #3 has been retired.


#3  Heisler (Rivarossi) “West Side Lumber Co.” - Acqired new in April 2013 to replace old #3. Has LokSound sound decoder. Added extra weight to improve pulling power.


#4  3-T Shay (Roundhouse) “Yosemite” & #5  3-T Shay (Bachmann) -  Both converted to oil burners in June 2012.



#6  3-T Shay (Bachmann) – Since this phot was taken, the oil tank has been changed and is now lower.



#5, #6, and #7 Bachmann 3-T Shays.  #5 converted to oil burner in June 2012.  #6 and #7 were always oil burners. #7 has sound.



#522  2-6-0 Mogul (IHC with Bachmann Tender) “Southern Pacific Lines”



#1814 2-6-0 M9 Mogul Sunset Models Brass “Southern Pacific” (Had a defective DCC card, so sent back and replaced with #1729)


#1729 2-6-0 M6 Mogul Sunset Models Brass “Southern Pacific Lines” (With sound)



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