Construction Photos and Helix


Open grid benchwork for lower level




The peninsula is in the foreground and the closet that will include the helix is in the background.



Construction begins on lower helix that forms part of the continuous run that takes trains into the 2nd level of the helix and then down. I had to cut a hole through part of a wall that divided the closet into two parts.



The upper helix is now in place to take the mainline (entry to helix on left at 2nd level) up 3 and turns to the upper level.



The top of the helix and part of the turning wye.


Next, the upper level benchwork was added to match the track level at the top of the helix.


Lake and Sawmill area before scenery


Trestle area before scenery


Helix is now hidden behind scenery. Foam used on the upper level to produce mountains and rock face.


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