Logging Area Photos


Im looking to improve the realism of these areas, so I thought Id document the current appearance, then show some of the upgrades.


Camp 3


Not necessarily the most flattering angles for photographs, but they capture the Camp 3 logging area and details. In and background (and on the right in the 2nd and 3rd photos) is a storage area for extra logs as well as a place to sit your drinks, so it is not landscaped. And, yes, that is an electrical outlet for the air conditioner which sits right above Camp 3.


Some Upgrades in 2012 include new high line rigging equipment and a Rio Grande Models McGiffert Loader:



Central Camp

As it existed before a few upgrades:


After relocating the spar tree and upgrading high line logging rigging and log loading rig. Also added a Bachmann steam donkey and later replaced it was a craftsman kit steam donkey:



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