Old Oakhurst Railroad ~1998


16 foot x 16 inch Layout on the side of a Garage



The Oakhurst Railroad is an HO scale model railroad running through the real

central Sierra town of Oakhurst, California. Although no real railroad ever ran through

Oakhurst, the area is rich in logging and gold mining history and several railroads and

logging flumes operated nearby. My parents and brothers lived and worked in Oakhurst

and I spent many summers there. After about 20 years of planning and dreaming,

my son and I built the 16' by 16" Oakhurst Railroad in our garage in 1997-1998. 



It was dismantled in 2004 when we moved.  Many of the rock castings and some of the structures were salvaged and used on the new Oakhurst Railroad.












Locomotive Roster

#1 MDC Climax "Oakhurst"

#2 MDC 2-Truck Shay "Coarsegold"

#3 MDC 3-Truck Shay "Yosemite"


Rolling Stock

#1-#8 MDC Shorty Flat Cars - used mostly as logging cars

#9 MDC Shorty Flat Car - built as a gondola car

#10 MDC Shorty Flat Car - kitbashed as a snow plow car

#11 MDC Log Car

#50 MDC Tank Car - kitbashed as a water firefighting car

#20-#23 MDC Ore Cars

#31 MDC Box Car - kitbashed from MDC refer car

Logging Camp Office Car - kitbashed from MDC caboose parts

IHC Drover Caboose

MDC Shorty Combine

MDC Shorty Coach

MDC Shorty Observation (NEW)

#99 Kadee Logging Caboose

#98 Logging Caboose - kitbashed to shorten Athern Caboose



To experience the "Oakhurst Railroad" in real life, I recommend a ride on the nearby Yosemite Mountain Sugar Pine Railroad.

Yosemite Mountain Sugar Pine RR



Construction Photos


Original 3-D clay model to visualize scenery.


Benchwork resembles a 16 foot ladder.


The higher level will be the logging and mining area.


Placement of cardboard strips. 


Later covered with plaster cloth and rock castings.


Electrical blocks and switches.


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