Train Schedules and Operations


Operations sessions are now held on an irregular basis.  So far, as of April 2012, 4 operating sessions have been held.  Typically, a 4-1 fast clock is used and there are 4-6 operators.



Trains are assembled in the Oakhurst yard and them make their way up into the mountains.  Below is the weekly schedule of trains.  In addition to the Log, Passenger, Ore, Sawmill, and Maintenance trains, there is a “Mainline” train that comes up the Southern Pacific Lines branch from Fresno.



Mainline Train P=Passenger, M=Mixed, F=Frieght



For operational planning, these diagrams were used to schedule the trains and their meets:





Timetables were also developed for each specific day:





Also, train sheets were prepared for all trains:





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